Let our nationally recognized, AAPC Pollie award-winning team of political professionals spark your voter contact to the next level.



Model building

Starting with Obama for America in 2012  through some of the toughest US Senate and Gubernatorial races today, no one has more experience in model building calls than Brushfire Strategies.


Voter ID, Persuasion and the latest in using behavioral science for GOTV - the team at Brushfire Strategies have been the go-to consultants for over a decade with a proven track record of success.

Public affairs

Patch Through calling, Telephone Town Halls and the latest in Catch-and-Release technology, no one knows how to move the needle better for public affairs calling than the team at Brushfire Strategies.

White House, US Senate, US House, Governors and State Legislatures


We are political professionals who happen to specialize in using the telephone. Winning is what matters because there is no such thing as second place when it comes our chosen profession. We're proud of our work and pleased to share a few of our clients below.